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This website is the 3rd edition of our online shop since operations started in 2002!  We have incorporated some of the latest technological advancements, security features and payment options.

Customers residing in Singapoe will find the Paynow option using mobile applications to be convenient, safe and fast. International customers will still get to use PayPal as a payment option, albeit with a 2% service fee to partialy offset high business cost of PayPal transactions. However we encourage you to select our default payment option using HITPAY/STRIPE platform, which handles various credit cards such as VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and e-wallets such as G-Pay. STRIPE is the payment gateway of Amazon, so you can rest assured that your online transactions will be safe and secure.

With the rise in global e-commerce transactions, logistics companies are now able to offer lower rates for international bulk shipping. Our system uses affordable shipping fees from selected service providers to ensure your orders reach you safely and swiftly. You will see shipping fee calculated before order checkout.

User tips and technical advice on a range of products can be obtained from our Blog section. These can be general information about optics or outdoor gear. Or detailed information which may not fit into a standard product listing due to space constraints but nevertheless helpful to users.

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How to start basic astrophotography?

Many people have been asking McGill about astrophotography, which is photography of objects in the sky. These range from complete beginners to experienced photographers looking for another aspect of photography. They want to know what the necessary equipment are. Some sincerely question if astrophotography is feasible in terribly light-polluted night sky of Singapore. The good...

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Telescopes for Beginners

Are you looking for a good quality telescope for stargazing? Great, you have come to the right place! You may be able to find many cheap telescopes on various e-commerce websites claiming to give 300x – 500x magnification power. The marketing may look very impressive. Our advice: Avoid these at all costs! Generally telescopes under...

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Affordable Macro Photography Setup #1

Are you aware there is a cheaper way to take macro pictures of flowers and insects without the need to get a dedicated macro DSLR lens?  If you are a DSLR camera user, you can get a high quality yet affordable converter lens which can be attached easily to any standard kit lens or even...

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Sky-Watcher Telescopes – One of the BEST in stargazing equipment

Have you been thinking of purchasing a real telescope to admire the night sky but is not sure to proceed due to the generally high prices of telescopes in Singapore? No worries, you are now able to get an affordably-priced beginner’s telescope with good performance from this brand Sky-Watcher! Sky-Watcher has been on the forefront...

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