Vixen Porta II – Fantastic altazimuth mount for stargazing!

McGill is pleased to offer the highly popular altazimuth mount in various configurations to serious stargazers in Singapore and beyond!

The Porta II mount is known widely for its ease of use especially for beginners but is also well-received by serious stargazers looking for a portable mount with slow motion controls for use with small telescopes weighing less than 5kg and not exceeding 160mm in diameter.

For fuss-free visual observation of night sky objects with a small telescope and at an affordable price, the Porta II mount is probably second to none!

However some customers feel that the supplied aluminium tripod offered by Vixen is not strong enough and induces excessive vibrations, especially for high-magnification viewing.

To provide a better alternative, McGill now offers the Porta II without a tripod, giving users the liberty to select a suitable tripod. This new edition is known as Porta II Deluxe Mount, which is a Porta II mount head with an extra 3/8″ tripod adapter to connect to standard photographic tripods.

For the past few years, photographic tripods, especially the carbon fiber version, have been getting popular as they are much lighter than traditional aluminium tripods but yet do not compromise on the load bearing capability. Therefore we have paired this mount with a very popular carbon fiber tripod known as the RT80C. If you don’t already own a tripod, this is a good configuration to select!

We also strongly recommend you get the Guide Handle which is a delight to use! It can also be mounted on other mounts which have M8-35mm spacing threads.

Configurations available:

1) Porta II Mount Head with 3/8” tripod adapter to connect to standard camera tripods

2) Porta II Mount Head with 3/8” tripod adapter + Guide Handle

3) Porta II Mount Head with 3/8” tripod adapter + Guide Handle + CF Tripod RT80C

4) Porta II Mount Head with 3/8” tripod adapter + Guide Handle + Pro Clamp Saddle

Refer to link for more information and price details. For residents in Singapore, installment payments are accepted on our website but not valid for walk-in purchase.

We ship international. Please check with us for shipping costs if you are outside Singapore.

Feel free to whatsapp our hotline at +65-8118-4893 for fast response time.

NOTE: The Porta II mount is best used with short tube refractors of up to 4” or MCT/SCT of up to 5”. Do not overload it! The whole head is made from metal and will last for decades if properly maintained.

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