Telescopes for Beginners

Are you looking for a good quality telescope for stargazing? Great, you have come to the right place!

You may be able to find many cheap telescopes on various e-commerce websites claiming to give 300x – 500x magnification power. The marketing may look very impressive. Our advice: Avoid these at all costs! Generally telescopes under SGD$200 do not offer an acceptable view of images or satisfactory user experience.

In contrary, McGill offers a range of good quality and affordable beginner’s models to suit users of different ages and background. Such models are already very popular in various parts of the world, ie. these have proven to be creditable performers for visual observation of the night sky, with many satisfied customers throughout the years.

Magnification of up to 140x is generally more than enough for beginners. This is because at higher magnification of more than 100x, objects in the night sky will move at a fast pace and easily wanders away from the view of an eyepiece.

A strong and steady mount is also required to observe properly, but usually beginner’s telescopes are not equipped with very steady and reliable mounts for use at high magnification.

A good or acceptable beginner’s telescope will allow you to see bright planets such as Jupiter or Saturn easily, even though these may seem to be tiny. The Moon will appear clear and glorious.

A poorly-constructed telescope with dark and blurry views will destroy any interest in stargazing. This is the reason why you should get a first telescope with reasonable quality. It is better to invest in a slightly expensive model rather than waste money by getting a cheap and inferior toy telescope!


Bestselling Beginner’s Models

Vixen Space Eye 700M : 70mm refractor with a robust mount and tripod. Achromatic (2-piece glass) front lens design ensures nice contrast. The mount is the BEST we have seen in a beginner’s telescope at such a low price. One of the bestsellers in Japan. Refractors generally offer sharper images compared to Newtonians. Images seen will be upright but laterally reversed.


Sky-Watcher Heritage 150P : Undisputed #1 Newtonian telescope for beginners. Big 150mm lens diameter or aperture for bright views, especially in light-pollution night sky of Singapore. Its tabletop mount allows the user to put it on a flat surface such as a bench for easy viewing. Images seen will be upside-down and laterally reversed. Therefore it is usually used in night sky observation, not for land use.

Celestron C90 Maksutov : Although marketed as a spotting scope for nature observation, this Maksutov telescope has been used by avid stargazers to look at planets too! It is easy to use and does not require much maintenance. Images seen will be upright and laterally reversed.

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